Do you need expert and efficient English proofreading or editing?

If German is your native language, but you need to create reader-friendly documents in perfect English, I can help.

I’m a fast and experienced proofreader and editor who helps native German speakers develop their English documents into the best they can be – whether they’re journal articles, dissertations, or sales proposals.

My proofreading not only corrects spelling and punctuation but also rewrites the clumsy grammar and vocabulary that often come from writing in a foreign language. I can also help you develop documents from the ground up.

Academics and students

If your thesis, dissertation, or article has too many spelling and grammatical errors, or if you haven’t been able to follow the style guide closely, your work may not achieve the success it deserves. So proofreading by a native English speaker is a sensible investment in your professional future.

Business professionals

Clear written communication is essential to any business document. If you need to produce proposals, website copy, advertisements, or other marketing materials in English, my proofreading ensures that your message reaches your target audience loud and clear – in professional, polished English.

What’s next?

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